The Yemeni Ghost Continues to Target Saudi

Welcome: We are hackers of Yemen

And after..

The Kingdom continues to perpetuate racism and broadcast serials that cause hatred between the two peoples (Yemen + Saudi Arabia).

According to the series #machine

Based on this, we warned them and conveyed the message to them through several social media channels and the publishing pages of the series, and alerted them to the deadline in which we bought them to stop the series and apologize to Yemen in general.

But the Kingdom is still insisting on completing the series, which affects the dignity of an entire country by continuing the series and not apologizing to Yemen.

With this, we hit and infiltrated government interests affiliated with them, and we are still continuing until the series is stopped and an apology to Yemen and the Yemenis.

One of the government websites that has been hacked and brought down is out of control
The National – Saudi – Governmental Portal
( )
Embassies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia abroad
( )
Hacked sites watch the video