Turkish Fraud Story Setting Up More Fraud

Fraud method ATTENTION … Hello, on 19.07.2021 at around 23:00, I got information from the person on the page named aircoin.investment on his instagram account and he said that if you send me money, I will increase your money.  He sent his mobile number 0531 738 …., then our conversations continued through the Whatsapp application.  I trusted and sent 30.000 TL to the Iban account number TR70, registered under the name of Mahmut K..  He said that after 24 hours, I will send your money back as a minimum of 110,000 TL.  By sending me visuals within 24 hours, he made me trust him by saying that your money has increased so much and so much.  After 24 hours, he called me on the whatsapp application on 21.07.2021 at 00:00 at night and said your money was 119.640.75 TL, but in order to send the money, 20.000 TL should be deposited in the same account, I made a discount for you. 10,000 TL and then I will send it back to you as 130.000 TL. .  Again, I sent 10,000 TL money.  This time, when I asked for 10,000 TL again, he said that I didn’t have any money and I had nothing left, and he said go borrow money from someone and send it.  After I said that I would not be able to find money again, he said I will cancel the transactions and send your money back, but my money has not arrived and he is not communicating with me.  I have suffered a lot and my mental health has really deteriorated.  It was my 15 months of work. Please help.  PLEASE