Vanda The God

اخیرا متوجه شدیم یکی از دوستان و هم تیمی عزیز ما توسط پلیس فدرال برزیل دستگیر شده
این خبر ما رو بسیار اندوهگین کرد
این شخص یک هکر و یک نابغه بود و مجرم نبود تنها جرم او مبارزه با سیاست های خصمانه آمریکا بوده
ما از اعماق وجودمان ناراحت هستیم
از خداوند میخواهیم که دوست خوبمونو کمک کنه
امیدواریم تا به زودی بتواند به آغوش گرم خانواده و دوستانش بازگرده

We recently learned that one of our dear friends and teammates has been arrested by the Brazilian Federal Police
This news made us very sad
This person was a hacker and a genius and he was not guilty. His only crime was fighting against the hostile policies of the United States
We are saddened by the depths of our being
We ask God to help our good friend
We hope he will be able to return to the warm embrace of his family and friends soon