Two brothers disappear after claiming $3.7 billion in bitcoin was hacked

The two brothers Amir Kaji and Kaji’s chief executives at South African-based investment platform Africrypt have disappeared with no trace after claiming that 69,000 bitcoins were stolen by hackers after their platform was hacked.

The news comes just months after the AfriCrypt hack was reported. In an email sent last April 13 to clients, COO Amir Kaji explained that the platform would stop working after the system was hacked to an unspecified number of cryptocurrency wallets and clients’ investments, and Amir appealed  Customers not to report to law enforcement or investigators as this will “delay their refund process.”

The price of Bitcoin when the breach was announced reached 63 thousand US dollars, which means the disappearance of a value of 3.780 billion dollars, and some investors who did not believe the story of the two brothers hired Hanekom Attorneys to investigate the case, but the company has not yet been able to find the two brothers.

Complicating matters further, AfriCrypt employees lost access to the platform seven days before the alleged breach occurred.  to the original source of the fund.

The law firm Hanekom has alerted global stock exchanges about this scam, just as the South African authorities have opened an investigation and search for the fraudulent brothers.