“Peresvet” laser complex

Creation of the “Peresvet” laser complex has been slightly revealed.  The journal “Atom” (No. 86 for 2020) published an article by S.G.  Garanin – general designer of VNIIEF for laser systems and director of ILFI VNIIEF.  The article indicates that in 2001 a successful experiment was carried out on the use of an explosive iodine laser.  The main partner in this development was the Astrophysics Scientific and Production Association.  It is indicated that these experiments had “winter” themes (Bart Hendrix is immediately remembered in this vein). Also an important impetus for the work was the visit in 2010 by S.V.  Kiriyenko laser range, and in September 2010 ideas were reported to the President of Russia Medvedev D.A.  also there it was decided to create a megajoule thermonuclear installation.