More from Avengers for Palestine

1. Hack .il And Website related to Israel and Leak Data 😉
2. Hack Mass Websites and Use this Index as Deface (if u have shells try to change index too)
Why ?
+We need to show the world the truth (as much as we can)
+They have to search their accounts like Twitter or facebook and explore the facts
+Visit Daily Palestine’s News and Videos
Our New Twitter :

Open Your Eyes , Who’s The Terrorist ? Yah “IsraHell”

Do You know really The Truth ? Do you Still Trust Fake News from CNN,Fox,.. or from one of Zionists ?
Let me help you , OPen “Twitter”,”Facebook”,”Instagram” and “Tiktok”
#FreePalestine #gazaunterattack #savesheikhjarrah
Put those #hachtags and Look At Pictures ,Videos,News and see the difference
Let me help you More , Instagrams : @Paliroots | @Eye.on.Palestine

Greats To All Muslim Non-Muslim Hackers | Amazigh/Kurds/Arabs Hackers | Bengladesh | Indonessia | Pakistan | And You 😉


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