Hong Yun landing helicopter — ship

New photos of the Hong Yun landing helicopter dock under construction at the Taiwanese shipbuilding corporation CSBC in Kaohsiung for the Navy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) have been published.  The ship with the tail number “1401” was named “Yushan” in honor of the highest peak in East Asia, located on the island of Taiwan.  It is reported that the dock ship will be launched on April 13 and handed over to the Taiwan Navy by 2022.  The DWKD displacement will be 10,600 tons, length 153 meters, width 23 meters, draft 6 meters, maximum speed 21.5 knots, cruising range 12,500 nautical miles at an economical cruising speed of 13 knots.  A crew of 190 people, a landing of 250 marines, on board there can be four landing boats 16 m long or two 36 m long. There is a deck for receiving one S-70C anti-submarine helicopter.  Also reported.  that the ship will be armed with a 76-mm gun mount, anti-ship missiles / anti-ship missiles of the Hsiung Feng II and III families.  It is planned to build four ships of this class.