PGRK position in the Republic of Mari-El

Google mapping service opened a view of the construction of the PGRK position in the Republic of Mari-El from scratch (Fig. 1, 56 ° 33’56.13 “N 48 ° 27’2.29” E). The 779th missile regiment will probably be based on this site, since military unit 69795 is indicated in the contact details of the restricted area in the airspace above the new position.

The previous BSP regiment is now in the restructuring stage (Fig. 2, 56 ° 35’2.40 “N 48 ° 9’18.73” E), and the YARS-S missile system is temporarily based in an open area next to the TRB (Fig. 3, 56 ° 33’31.45 “N 48 ° 3’20.70” E). divisions.
In fact, the new BSP will be the fourth in a row in the 14th Missile Division, with three regiments officially deployed.
It is possible that one of the two remaining old BSPs will be eliminated, but we consider it quite possible that the division will be deployed to four regiments. We are pleased to note the increased pace of construction in the Strategic Missile Forces, we hope that these are the results of putting things in order in the field of military construction.