Iranian Holocaust Deniers Denigrate

Iranian TV clip critiquing the subversive work of Woody Allen (2004)

Iranian TV clip critiquing the subversive Holocaust propaganda put out by Stephen Spielberg (2004)

Holocaust Denial in Iran

In 2016, Iran’s governing regime played an active role in denying the Holocaust on multiple occasions. On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, 2016, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei released a video titled “Holocaust: Are the Dark Ages Over?” on his website, which included his comments from 2014 that questioned the Nazi mass slaughter of more than six million Jews during World War II. In the video Khamenei remarked: “No one in European countries dares to speak about the Holocaust, while it is not clear whether the core of this matter is clear or not. Even if it is a reality, it is not clear how it happened. Speaking about the Holocaust and expressing doubts about it is considered to be a great sin. If someone does this, they stop, arrest, imprison, and sue him. This is while they claim to be the supporters of freedom. This is the ignorance that exists in today’s world.”