Current Casualty Report Armenia-Azerbaijan

Confirmed Vehicle Losses, 08/10/2020 23:00


Tanks (63, of which destroyed or abandoned: 60) (+20!)
22 xT-72A (+8): 11x destroted, 2x damaged, 9x captured
4x T-72AV (+2): 1x destroyed, 3x captured
11x T-72B (+4): 4x destroyed, 7x captured
25x Unknown T-72 (+5): 22x destroyed, 3x damaged
1x Unknown Tank (+1): 1x destroyed

Infantry fighting vehicles (23, of which destroyed or abandoned: 23) (+7)
8x BMP-1 (+3): 5x destroyed, 3x captured
8x BMP-2 (+3): 2x destroyed, 4x abandoned, 2x captured
3x MT-LB ZU-23: 3x destroyed
2x MT-LB Zavasta M55 AA gun (+1): 1x destroyed, 1x captured
1x Unknown IFV: 1x destroyed
1x Unknown BMP: 1x destroyed

Armoured Recovery Vehicle (1, of which destroyed or abandoned: 1)
1x BTS-2 (+1): 1x captured

Towed artillery (11, of which destroyed or abandoned: 11)
11x 122mm (D-30) howitzer 2A18: 11x destroyed
1x 152 mm (D-20) gun-howitzer M-1955: 1x destroyed

Self-propelled artillery (5, of which destroyed: 5) (+1)
4x 152mm 2S3 Akatsiya (+1): 4x destroyed
1x 122mm 2S1 Gvozdika: 1x destroyed

Multiple rocket launchers (14, of which destroyed: 14) (+1)
14x 122mm BM-21 (+1): 14x destroyed

Mortars (8, of which destroyed: 8)
2x 60mm M57: 2x captured
5x 120mm M75: 5x captured
1x Unknown mortar: 1x destroyed

Surface-to-air missile systems (12, of which destroyed: 12)
3x 9K35 Strela-10: 3x destroyed
9x 9K33 Osa: 9x destroyed

Aircraft (1, of which destroyed: 1)
1x Su-25: 1x shot down

Jammers/Radar (1, of which destroyed: 1)
1x Repellent-1: 1x destroyed

Trucks and Jeeps (111, of which destroyed or abandoned: 111) (+37!)
3x UAZ-452 (+2): 1x damaged and abandoned, 2x captured
10x GAZ-3308 (+4): 2x damaged and abandoned, 8x captured
1x 9T217 transloader (for 9K33 Osa): 1x destroyed
7x Zil-131 (+3): 1x destroyed, 6x captured
2x Ural-375A (+1): 2x captured
1x Ural-375D: 1x destroyed
27x Ural-4320 (+1): 10x destroyed, 15x captured, 2x abandoned
24x Ural-43206 (+6): 1x destroyed, 23x captured
5x UAZ-469 (+1): 2x damaged and captured, 3x captured
10x KamAZ (+5): 4x destroyed, 6x captured
1x Bus: 1x destroyed
11x Unknown truck (+6): 7x destroyed, 4x captured
9x Unknown Jeep (+8): 1x destroyed, 8x captured

Decoys (2, of which destroyed or abandoned: 2)
2x Fake 9K33 Osa: 2x destroyed

Anti-Tank Equipment (11, of which destroyed or abandoned: 11)
4x 9M111 Fagot: 4x captured
1x 9M113 Konkurs: 1x captured
1x 9P135M launcher for the 9M111 Fagot and 9M113 Konkurs: 1x captured
3x 9M133M-2 Kornet-EM: 3x captured
1x 9P163-1 launcher for the 9M133M-2 Kornet-EM: 1x captured
1x 1PN65 ‘Trakt-1’ thermal optic for 9P135M Konkurs ATGM launcher: 1x captured

Strategic locations hit (8)
military base: (1)
munitions stockpile: (2)
storeage depot: (1)
Stepanakert Airport: (1)
command post: (2)
bridge: (1)


Tanks (20, of which destroyed or abandoned: 20)
3x T-72A: 1x destroyed, 2x damaged
6x T-72AV/T-72 ”Aslan”: 3x destroyed, 3x damaged
2x T-90S: 2x damaged and captured
9x Unknown T-72: 9x destroyed

Infantry fighting vehicles (13, of which destroyed or abandoned: 12)
2x BMP-1: 2x destroyed
8x BMP-2: 4x, destroyed, 3x damaged and abandoned, 1x damaged and captured
2x BTR-82A: 1x destroyed, 1x damaged
1x Unknown BMP: 1x destroyed

Engineering equipment (1, of which destroyed or abandoned: 0)
1x IMR-2: 1x damaged

Aircraft & Helicopters (6, of which destroyed or abandoned: 6)
5x An-2: 5x shot down
1x MI-8/17: 1x shot down

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (14, of which destroyed or abandoned: 14) (+3)
1x Orbiter 1k: 1x damaged and captured
5x IAI Harop (+3): 5x shot down
8x Unknown UAV: 8x shot down

Trucks: (12, of which destroyed or abandoned: 11) (+1)
1x GAZ-452: 1x damaged and abandoned
5x Ural-4320: 3x destroyed, 2x damaged and abandoned
2x Ural-43206: 2x damaged and abandoned
1x MAZ (+1): 1x damaged
3x Unknown truck: 3x destroyed

We created a small indicator to show you how “much” every side is doing in terms of losses inflicted.
We assigned different points to every unit type (not model or variant of the vehicle).
In assigning the value we took in consideration the firepower, utility and cost.
We hope that you like this kind of “point system”.
We will update it every now and then, probably like every 2 week.

Total losses as for now (08/10/2020):
Nation; number of vehicle lost (including damaged); points earned by the enemy in inflicting the loss.

Total points:

Tanks: (30pt)
ARM 63 – 1890
AZE 20 – 600

IFV/APC: (20pt)
ARM 23 – 460
AZE 13 – 260

Armoured Recovery & Engineering: (10pt)
ARM 1 – 10
AZE 1 – 10

Towed Artillery: (10pt)
ARM 11 – 110
AZE 0 – 0

Mortars: (5pt)
ARM 8 – 40
AZE 0 – 0

SPG Artillery: (10pt)
ARM 5 – 50
AZE 0 – 0

SPG MLRS: (10pt)
ARM 14 – 140
AZE 0 – 0

Air Defence Systems: (20pt)
ARM 12 – 240
AZE 0 – 0

Jammers/Radars: (10pt)
ARM 1 – 10
AZE 0 – 0

Trucks: (5pt)
ARM 111 – 555
AZE 12 – 60

Decoys: (5pt)
ARM 2 – 10
AZE 0 – 0

AT Equipment: (20pt)
ARM 11 – 220
AZE 0 – 0

Aircraft & Helicopters: (30pt)
ARM 0 – 0
AZE 6 – 180

UAV’s: (20pt)
ARM 0 – 0
AZE 14 – 280