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Rahgoshayan Zaman Science and Technology Company was established by a group of graduates of Tehran, Sharif and Amirkabir universities and is playing a role in the field of national information technology with a knowledge-based approach. The strategic orientation of this company is based on focusing on the specific needs of customers and providing customized solutions in accordance with their specific needs and avoiding generalization and market orientation in providing products and services. The ultimate goal of this company is to establish effective communication with limited customers and gain a deep understanding of their needs and ultimately provide effective IT and organizational solutions for the growth and development of its customers.

Phone: 31 to 88339830

Fax: 88339830

Address: Jalal Al-Ahmad between Kargar and Chamran, Parvaneh St., No. 10, Unit 6

WhatsApp: 099900405875

Telegram: 099900405875

Email: defrazco@gmail.com