Baghdad – an ammunition depot belonging to the pro-Iranian Hashd Shaabi detonated.

At 18.45 local time, a powerful explosion was heard in the south-west of Baghdad – an ammunition depot belonging to the pro-Iranian Hashid Shaabi detachments detonated. Various sources report 4-6 violent explosions.

The Iraqi Telegram channel Sabereen News, which supports the Islamic resistance movement and the “fight against the American occupation,” claims that most likely the aircraft of the US-led International Coalition launched an air strike on the base of the pro-Iranian Hashd Shaabi units Al-Sakr (“Falcon”), since An American drone was spotted in the sky after the explosion.We don’t really believe in reports about the Coalition’s airstrike. Read more about the incident in As-Saqra and possible reasons in our article.
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From Sabereen:

American helicopter flying 5 minutes before the bombing

And Russian Reporting:

Since yesterday evening, Sunday, August 26, a series of operations have been carried out in different areas of #Baghdad, which has continued until this morning.
In these operations, which involved #American #Apachi helicopters, as well as American drones and fighters, #Al-Saqr_base, the central support and weapons depot of #Iraqi #Shiite_Militants, has been completely destroyed.
The significance of this attack is that the Al-Saqr base belongs to the #Badr_Organization, and this organization is the only group that does not indirectly but officially belong to the #Holy_Force_of_The_Oil.
The Badr Organization, which is in fact the 9th Badr Brigade of the #Holy_Force #Guard_of_the_Guard_Communist Corps, includes 42 militant groups in #Iraq and 28 other groups that are directly supported by Iran.
This base is the support center and #anbar_of_ammunition and #arms of #Hashdal Shaabi and #books_of_Hezb_Allah.

The attack is said to have been carried out by #American #UAVs, but Faleh al-Khazali, a member of the #Iraqi_Parliament, said in the first reaction to the operation: The explosion at Al-Saqr barracks south of Baghdad was caused by an Israeli-Israeli drone strike.