Avengers Group Releases Video of Hacks on Israel

Cyber attack on water facilities in Israel | 16-07-20

در پاسخ به برخی جنایات اخیر اسرائیل و همپیمانانش، گروه انتقام جویان زیرساخت‌های برق این رژیم را از شمال تا جنوب، هدف حملات سایبری خود قرار داد. مقامات اسرائیل که همواره از امنیت سایبری نفوذ ناپذیر دم می‌زنند، حتی توان تشخیص حملات را نداشتند.
انتقام جویان پاسخ‌های متنوعی در حوزه سایبری علیه منافع و زیرساخت‌های رژیم صهیونیستی آماده کرده اند.در روزهای آینده با ابعاد بیشتری از توانمندی‌های سایبری این گروه آشنا خواهید شد.

— “First publication: Two cyber attacks on Israeli water facilities have occurred recently. This is what Ynet learned tonight (Thursday). One of the attacks was apparently in front of pumps in the Upper Galilee and the other in the area of Mateh Yehuda.

In response to some recent crimes of Israel and allies, Cyber Avengers attacked electric infrastructure of the regime, north to south. Israeli officials who always boast about their cyber security capabilities, could not even recognize the attacks.
Avengers have a variety of options against Israel infrastructures in cyber arena.In following days more details will be revealed about Cyber Avengers capabilities.


The Water Authority confirmed the cases and stated that it was an incident that did not cause any damage. “These are two spot and small sewage facilities in the agricultural sector that were repaired immediately and independently by the local person in charge of the kibbutz and the facility, without damage to service or actual impact,” the Water Authority said.

To all who were awaiting a revengeAvengers will let everyone know about their cyber attacks on Israeli targets. Israel was not alone in its crimes and won’t be alone in punishment.Our first exclusive video will be shared in a few hrs.

Ynet revealed that on April 24 and 25, a cyber attack on the water and sewage infrastructure in Israel took place. Following the publication, the Fox News network reported that Iran was responsible for this cyber attack. The report also states that Iran used American servers in favor of the attack, in which six hotspots from the north to the south of the country were damaged.”

הגיע הזמן ליידע את כולם על אחת מפעולות הסייבר שלנו שמכוונות למכלי הדלק הישראליים.
עבריין ידוע היה עד למבצע זה בעיר הולדתו.In the last 194 days Israel and its allies have committed numerous crimes and crossed red lines. Cyber Avengers won’t stand any more crimes.