Russian Hackers/Anons Pushing Use of Retroshare



Retroshare is a cryptographically secure decentralized platform for anonymous communication and file sharing. The system allows you to organize separate serverless Friend-to-Friend networks ( networks or one global network with a certain circle of people – for example, your friends.

Retroshare — криптографически защищенная децентрализованная платформа для анонимного общения и файлообмена. Система позволяет организовывать обособленные бессерверные Friend-to-Friend ( сети или одну глобальную сеть с определённым кругом лиц — например, вашими друзьями.

Connections are made directly only with those participants to whom you have given permission. All connections are securely encrypted with SSL, the authenticity of the participants is verified by PGP keys.



➖ Instant messaging and mail.
➖ Public and private chats.
➖ VoIP – Voice and video communications.
➖ File sharing.
➖ Forums.
➖ Channels.

Messaging is possible on behalf of anonymous individuals, and directly between network nodes. In the first case, offline delivery is available, message storage is used on the nodes of mutual friends. Voice and video communication is available only for communication between nodes from a trusted environment. That is – with those nodes with which the exchange of certificates was previously carried out.


2020-06-27_18-05-03➖ Official site of the project.

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