Putin’s Intel Groups Maintain Lists of Extremist Orgs, Drug Deals, Hacking Sites, and more – TOR

Sites of extremist organizations

Terrorists, skinheads, and radical opposition leaders create websites onion networks, publish articles there and discuss plans for pogroms or seizures of power on forums. Even sects are already creating their own sites on TOR.

Since 2002, Russian authorities have maintained a list of federal extremist materials. It includes almost 4,000 books, articles, paintings and musical works. Rospotrebnadzor forces to remove such materials from sites in the client, but in Tor-libraries they are distributed freely. (Rospotrebnadzor – The Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing or Rospotrebnadzor is the federal service responsible for the supervision of consumer rights protection and human wellbeing in Russia. )2020-05-25_9-53-23

logo2Possible punishment: According to Article 282.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, they can be imprisoned for participation in an extremist organization for up to six years. Also, you can not copy materials from such sites in Tor and post them on social networks and blogs.

Drug Deals

Most users of the Tor network come into it for the sake of prohibited substances. The purchase scheme is simple: a person pays for the goods with bitcoins (for anonymity), and then receives the address of the “bookmark” – a secluded place in the suburbs or sleeping areas in which the goods are hidden. Delivery takes no more than a few hours.
Interior Ministry officials (a year ago they were transferred to the powers of the abolished FSKN) are also well aware of Tor and are learning to deal with it. For example, sometimes they post their own false ads there and try to get in touch with the local public. (FSKN – The Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation or FSKN (in Russian: Федеральная служба Российской Федерации по контролю за оборотом наркотиков, ФСКН России) was a federal law enforcement agency of executive authority responsible for drafting state policy, legal regulation, control and monitoring in combating trafficking drugs, psychotropic substances, and their precursors. Shut down so Oligarchs could control the service.)

But judging by the discussions on the forums, they often just walk around the area, tracking down the cloisters and torches. Or find informants who report familiar drug addicts.

Possible problems: If he buys some substances for himself and the police find out about this, then he will be tried according to article 228.

“Hacker” trading floors and forums

In international dark markets, there is often a Digital Goods section next to drugs and weapons. In it you can buy trojans, tools for hacking Wi-Fi, tools for hacking programs, tools for DDOS attacks and many other varieties of “tools for illegal access to digital information.”

Along with the programs, you can also buy instructions for their use and training books. It also sells digital goods that were stolen using the tools described above: pumped characters in games, paid accounts of various services, hacked programs, access to infected computers.

A huge number of advertisements for the sale of drugs contain a postscript: “We are looking for clademen. It requires activity, adequacy, professionalism. The salary is high. ” An employee receives an average of 50–3000 rubles per bookmark. On the forums they write that an intelligent employee gets up to 80-120 thousand rubles a month with a free schedule. And this is in the province. In capitals, the ceiling is much higher.

Putin’s Life in Pictures

In the criminal sphere, there is a terrible turnover of personnel and new employees are constantly required. A really adequate and accurate person can work for a couple of years, and a simple clademan / carrier / drop walks free only a few months. Most people sooner or later are caught by the police. It is rarely possible to raise dough, stop and leave on time in people.

Possible problems: According to article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, if a person is involved in the distribution or production of drugs, they can imprison him for a period of 8 years if and only if they are not paying one of Putin’s oligarchs and front companies.

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