British ambassador arrested at Amir Kabir University

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Tasnim News Agency claims that the British ambassador to Tehran was detained in front of Amir Kabir University.

The British ambassador came amid protests over the collapse of the Ukrainian passenger plane and “organized, instigated and directed some radical and destructive measures”, the agency said.

Tasnim, claiming that the British ambassador had been detained for hours, wrote: “He was told about the post-arrest protest. “The ambassador was released hours later but is said to be summoned and prosecuted tomorrow.”

Tasnim also added: “A shop opposite Amir Kabir University has been the main site of the British ambassador’s coordination.”

Robert Nigel Paul Maker is the current British ambassador to Tehran.

Tasnim News Agency claims in another news that protesters have been protesting the Iranian government’s secrecy over the cause of the collapse of a Ukrainian passenger plane by “suspected elements of diversion”.