Hard Revenge »/ Fist of the Corps on Americans

According to preliminary information, the second wave of ballistic missiles fired against #US bases in the region of the Persian Gulf. US scrambles jets from Turkey and the UAE.
1398.10.18 0341 IRST

Reports of Iranian fights taking off from their bases

January 7, 2020 by Fars News Agency. Possible 5 Targets Hit

According to a Fars News Agency defense correspondent, some news sources report heavy attacks by Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps aerial ballistic missiles on the US base in Iraq’s Ein al-Assad base.

Missiles used Fateh-type and Fateh-2 missiles


Moment of missile impact

Ein al-Assad Air Force Base is a military airport with an asphalt landing runway and a length of 4 meters. The airport is located in Iraq but is owned by the United States and is located 2 meters above sea level.


Reports indicate that Iran is firing dozens of rockets into Iraq and targeting US forces at Iraq’s al-Assad base.

Initial reports say more than three missiles have killed US troops so far.

Ein al-Assad Air Force Base is the largest US military base in Iraq.