Russian military developed combat antivirus software

The Russian military tested special programs to protect the communication channels of ACS Akatsiya, Andromeda and ESU-TK. The developed anti-virus software tracks unauthorized access of malware, detects the place of intrusion and detects extraneous files. It also warns the operator about a cyber attack and offers several options for reconfiguring the network and ways to solve the problem, Izvestia reports.

ACS equipment consists of a server with its own software, protected laptops, encryption devices and communications. For the transmission of information mainly satellite channels and radio channels are used. Although modern ACSs are, as a rule, not physically connected to the Internet, an attacker can infiltrate them by breaking into information transmission channels.

ACSs are designed for command and control of troops during hostilities, peacekeeping, special, humanitarian operations, as well as in peacetime. The systems maintain a constant exchange of data between command posts, headquarters and troops. Intelligence systems are integrated with ACS, including drones and satellites.