Clandestine Cyber HUMINT 


Course snippet non-inclusive of Tails, Tor, Dark Net, and Oryon:

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1. Anonymity
2. What is anonymity online?
3. Tails
1. What is Tails?
2. Tails and Tor Bridge Mode
3. Tor Project
1. Overview
2. Who uses Tor?
3. Tor – A Layman’s Guide
4. Tails – Tor enforcement
5. Tails Installation Assistant
6. Install from Windows
7. I2P Anonymous Network
8. Intro I2P


4. Information Warfare and Cyber Psychological Operations
1. Target analysis and message manipulation where applicable
1. Gathered data
2. Organized and decomposed data points
a. Established timelines
b. Created adversary dossiers and organization charts


5. Intro to the Darknet
5.1 Introduction to the Darknet (NOTE: Some/Many of the sites come and go and may not be available for review)
5.1.1 How to Access Onion Sites
5.1.2 Tor – Download, Installation, Use
5.1.3 Markets to Search
5.1.4 Site for Exploration:






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