Imam Zamani (AS) Kaiser Missile Test -Delivery of Belief-1 (Bavar) Air Defense System

Aerial image of surface-to-surface missile firing at anonymous Imam Zamani (AS) Kaiser soldiers’ first missile test, Iran’s third missile operation

Iran’s Defense Minister Sardar Hatami announced yesterday the Iranian plan to unveil the #373 missile.
The missile will be unveiled on Iran’s Defense Industry Day along with other defense equipment.
The Belief-373 is a long-range land-to-air missile.

Amir Hatami, the Minister of Defense and Brigade of the Armed Forces, in a conversation with the Tasnim News Agency correspondent, announced the unveiling of the long-range Air Defense 373 believed to be August 31 (Defense Industry Day).

Belief 373 is the most important indigenous missile defense project that began several years ago and can be deployed against multiple high-altitude targets.

The Ministry of Defense unveiled the Yasin, Balaban and Qaem bombs

اس Advanced Intelligent Bombs Guided by Yassin, the new generation of optical smart bombs, a new generation of “Qaem” female dot family made by Iranian Defense Industry and Electronic Industry Specialists at the Ministry of Defense, attended by Defense Minister Amir Brigade Hatami.

The hull has folding wings for increased range and an INS & GPS-based guidance system for increased accuracy. This long range guided bomb, as a smart bomb, is able to drop more than 2 kilometers and hit the target.

Vertical-generation advanced bombs are equipped with a variety of visible, thermal, and cylindrical motors with a precision of more than half a meter mountable on a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters and fighters, which are used to destroy fortifications, destroy aggregation and destroy moving targets. Is being taken.

با These bombs, with different weights and ranges and varying destructive power, can be mounted on a variety of drones,