Fate of someone who confessed to assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists

Seven years ago, a man on Iranian state television confessed to a shocking crime. He said he was working for Israel and also led the assassination attempt on the individual who is now made a national hero by state media.

Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan, a senior expert at Iran’s nuclear facility in Natanz.

The same defendant – Maziar Ebrahimi – comes from Germany and says that the story on Iranian television was fabricated and extracted thru violent interrogations at the Ministry of Intelligence.

He says the gruesome torture forced him to repeat a fake narrative in a televised confession.

Maziar Ebrahimi also spoke about the unjustified charges of “Majid Jamali Fashi” that was said to have been executed at the time, but the photos released after Majidi Jamali Fashi’s execution were Photoshoped.

Jamali Fashi confession before questionable execution


Fake confessions about the murder of Ali Mohammadi


The killer at the victim’s home