Daesh Android App – a3maqagency (Wordpress – Telegram – Tumblr)

Daesh released version 1.1 of the amaq.apk yesterday based upon complaints from users and a normal development cycle. The app is featured below along with links to several other Daesh and murtad sites related to the heretical organization (which should be taken down). Links to the apk (android application package) files are below.

NOTE: version 1.2 is now available – amaq1_2

NOTE: a3maqagency moved to tumblr  NOTICE TUMBLR a3maqnews

Another new source tied directly to wordpress and telegram is below (April 15 – 2015).

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Past and potentially current related sites (several are now defunct – 25 January 2016):





Click at own risk:

And a 1.0 from wakala ala3maq



  1. milez – developer
  2. http://www.apk4funzp.xyz/download-step03/com.wkala.myapp.html
  3. jamal.salem7@gmail.com
  4. nazoali513@gmail.com (Nazo Ali – Nazar Ali – Nazim Ali)



Treadstone 71














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