Spain November 3, 2004

The bombing in Spain of trains by al-Qa’eda wannabes remains one of the most horrific acts of cowardice by this terrorist group. Regardless, the timing of the explosions as evidenced by the CBS News video indicates an understanding of the flow of Spanish citizens as they move to escape each explosion, while heading directly into each subsequent bomb.

Spainish Train Bombings – CBS News (AVI for download 18.9MB)

The heinous act resulted in the deaths of nearly 200 citizens. It shifted the tide of the election. Al-Qa’eda took great pride in a act perpetrated by a group not yet associated with Al-Qa’eda.

The resultant pictures of the bodies somehow made their way out of Spanish police / authorities custody to the hands of Al-Qa’eda. The link below are those pictures. Be warned. These are extremely graphic and should only be viewed if you have a strong constitution.  BE WARNED.  Do not get upset with me should you find them disturbing.

Be Warned – Very Graphic Pictures (Zip file)

Once the pictures were seized, Al-Qa’eda placed their markings on the images and claimed them as their own for the victory against the kuffar just won.  The intent is clear. The desire remains strong.

Stay vigilant.