Kordad and IRGC Missile Defenses

https://cybershafarat.com/2022/06/28/las-vegas-august-2-6-2022-intelligence-and-counterintelligence-cyberspace-lifecycle-and-operations/ infographic of air defense systems of IRGC Aerospace Force Air Defense command of IRGC as one of the main commands of Its Aerospace Force, started it's work in 1986 after importing foreign air defense systems. It has since reached self-sufficiency in production and incorporation of indigenous air defense systems like 3rd khordad missile system.3rd khordad shot down the highly-advanced RQ-4 Global Hawk drone after it violated Iran's airspace in 2019. 🔸Category:🔹#Infographic #anniversary #IRGC #AerospaceForce

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