UPDATE 5262020 Russian Wagner Group Mercenaries Flee Libya

Russian Wagner Group - Putin's Private Mercenary Group (... like Blackwater) 'A very meaningful event' because LNA deprived of its most effective foreign fighting force near Tripoli." UPDATE 5262020 The U.S. Air Force Command in Africa has confirmed the sending of at least four Mig-29 and four Su-24 fighter jets from Russia to Libya in support of the Wagner Group and the Haftar Force. The published images also show two Su-35s playing the role of…

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Active Defense – Strike, CounterStrike, Mercenary or Vigilante?

The opponent lands combination after combination to the head, ribs, and kidneys. This barrage continues until the defender boxer is knocked out, dragged off the mat to hopefully fight another day. The fighter cannot continue. (Bardin, 2011) This picture is much like our cyber defenses today. Culturally trained to block every punch, cyber defenses attempt to detect where the next punch will hit. Standing toe-to-toe with an adversary that is much more devious, much more…

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