Iranian Proxy for Androids

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Bridgefy messenger allows you to chat (and share images) without the Internet

Bridgefy is a messenger that allows you to chat (and share images) without the Internet: using your phone's radio, it allows you to create shared rooms that you can connect to while being within a radius of 100m from you. did not understand how safe it is; however, end-to-end encryption is supported. It may be useful if the Internet is closed in the Russian Federation. "offline messengers" can also be used for coordination at protests.…

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Disclosure of 2.5 million Israelis information

Netanyahu's party designed an app for an election: A look at the source code of the site shows an open, unencrypted API that contains site admin information. Access to the database of the information of 3.9 million Israeli eligible voters. This information contains their full name, telephone number, national and identity numbers, home address, gender, age and political attributes. آسیب‌پذیری افشای اطلاعات ۶.۵ میلیون اسرائیلی حزب نتانیاهو، نخست‌وزیر اسرائیل برای برگزاری انتخابات یک اپ…

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