Afrin Liberation Forces Actions Against Turkey

On February 1st, the Turkish army and the jihadist gangs by the names of Sultan Murad, Jabha al-Shamiiya and Ahrar al-Sham carried out a ground incursion backed by heavy weapons on the villagesTil Rihal and Gire Radar of the Shahbah region. The attacks were foiled as a result of the retaliation from our forces. As a result of the clashes that took place, 22 Turkish-backed jihadists were killed and 10’s of jihadists were injured. Our…

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AFRIN Liberation Forces

The results of combat and resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces in 2019 To the press and general public! The people of Rojava and Northern Syria were vanguards of a unique revolutionary struggle with the aim of protecting their freedom and honor throughout 2019. Today, our resistance against ISIS and the Turkish army with the protection of basic human values, has brought forward internationalism and a wish for freedom by taking on the role as…

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