Swarm Drones – FAST Lab from Zhejiang University

The Chinese company FAST Lab from Zhejiang University has released another video of the work of a swarm of drones that navigate the terrain. Inevitably, this technology will be used in the wars of the near future. FAST (Field Autonomous System & compuTing) Lab led by Prof. Chao Xu and Prof. Fei Gao. Our Lab is part of the Institute of Cyber-Systems and Control (CSC) at Zhejiang University. Our group is mainly engaged in the following fields:•…

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Images of the evolution of the Iranian Ababil UAV

We first had the Ababil-3 drone, which was first seen in an Army Air Force exercise in the south of the country and had a reconnaissance role (A3-2-R). Then, in order to increase the combat capability, by changing the front and rear landing gear and also strengthening the wing structure, the Ababil-3N UAV became operational (New). (A3N) To understand the difference between the landing gear of Ababil 3, 3N and 4 UAVs As you can…

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Defending Against #Drone #Swarm

The conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh and Yemen have shown that the presence of modern anti-aircraft weapons by the defending side does not guarantee reliable protection against drone raids. No wonder that defense techniques against unmanned aerial vehicle attacks will be improved. In what direction. Fight against drones and their swarms - based on the news about the patent of Russian military scientists about a large quadric with a grid and cannons for directed fragmentation projectiles. To combat drones,…

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