Russia is trying to make up for the loss of manpower, promising contractors sky-high salaries and the possibility of looting

If in the temporarily occupied areas of Ukraine men are forcibly mobilized and sent to their inevitable deaths, in the central regions of Russia they are invited to contract service with promises of high salaries, social benefits and opportunities for unpunished robbery and looting. According to the military intelligence of Ukraine, only in the Central Military District of Russia in January-April 2022, 2,861 contracts for military service were concluded. Selection points for military service under…

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Prigozhin: 48°37’42.0″N 38°30’54.6″E , Pervomaisk, Luhansk region, school No. 2. — Russian intelligentsia

Today we paid attention to the photo, which was published on April 16 in his VK (archive) by Russian MP Vitaly Milonov. In the photo, he stands next to Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, the owner of PMC Wagner, who is called "Putin's chef".Wagner, Earlier in the public "We can explain", which was also quoted by Meduza and other resources, they suggested that, judging by the photo, Prigozhin and Milonov are somewhere in the Donetsk region.…

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Map of Russian Influence in Africa

Map of Russian Influence in Africa by Joana de Deus Pereira, Trainer at the NATO Defense Against Terrorism Center of Excellence and Senior Fellow at RUSI. Joana writes that Vladimir Putin has a long-planned strategy to achieve his geopolitical goals. Moscow's influence in Africa is inextricably linked to the Kremlin's strategy in Ukraine. And Africa is the top priority. Peter Nupe, former director of the International Center for Combating Terrorism said:“The West tends to focus…

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