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Killnet Begging for Money Multiple Times a Day

OFFICIAL KILLNET CHANNEL  --- Actual contacts ---✪ Accepting donations @donate_killnet✪ Backup @killnet_mirror✪ Support @killnet_support✪ Legion @Legion_Russia✪ @Killnet_collective✪ KillMilk @killmilk_rus✪ Anonymous Russian @anon_by✪ Bot for communication @Alpham65bot✪ Crypto Exchange @killnetexchange✪ Bot Breaking @Osintkillbot✪ DarkNet Media @news_thedarknet ✪ Turn in Huckster @narko_stop_bot✪ Turn in the pedo @stop_pedophiles_bot NEW FORUM -- INFINITY -- This channel serves as an adapter to official sources!

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XakNet Team Assign military ranks to Russian hackers.

XakNet is bucking for ranks to be assigned to their team members! As an existing proxy group directly tied to Kremlin inner-circles, XakNet believes their team should at least be afforded 'Major' level ranks if not higher. Due to their superior skill and length of service, XakNet feels a time-in-grade, time-in-service waiver is applicable for the team. Russian hackers from the XakNet team have hacked into the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and are making…

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Sophmoric Chest Thump from RU Frat Boys – Killnet & Co

And so: Many in the world are talking about the fact that the killnet works for a maximum of 3-5 hours on the target. For your information, services in Greece are no longer working for the 9th hour. "When the state network of Lithuania fell asleep for 50 hours - all Lithuanian and European media wrote that the systems did not work for 3 minutes" Killnet & Co By imitating such disinformation, you contribute to…

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