Hacking of a Russian war criminal, commander of military unit 75387, 960th assault aviation regiment.

Our friends, the hacktivists of the Ukrainian Cyber Resistance team, on an exclusive basis, handed over to the international intelligence community InformNapalm the e-mail dumps and other private correspondence of the Russian war criminal, the commander of military unit 75387, the 960th assault aviation regiment of the Russian Federation, Colonel Serhii Atroshchenko. Its aviation regiment is stationed at an airfield on the outskirts of the city of Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Krasnodar Territory, on the shores of the Sea of Azov.

Cyber Resistance” is a team of hacktivists, which since 2014 cooperates with various power structures of Ukraine, as well as with volunteers of the international intelligence community InformNapalm, the Center “Mirotvorets” and the Center of National Resistance

Hacktivists monitored the correspondence of this colonel for several months and used the possibilities of leaking information as effectively as possible in the interests of the defense forces of Ukraine. Currently, taking into account Colonel Serhiy Atroshchenko’s refusal to cooperate with intelligence agencies, a decision has been made to publicize the fact of the hack and to publish sensitive information for him and his regiment. We also know that during the preparation of this publication, materials regarding Atroshchenko and his subordinates were handed over for the execution of a warrant from the International Criminal Court. Therefore, we delayed the release of the publication itself for a little more than a week after the announcement that was made on our Telegram channel .

Acquaintance with Colonel Atroshchenko


Atroshchenko Sergey Valeriyovych (Russian – Atroshchenko Sergey Valerievich), born on May 5, 1981. By the way, he was born in Ovruch, Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine. Then he lived in the Russian city of Lipetsk, then he was registered in the city of Voronezh, Leninsky prospect, building 96a, apartment 89. After that, he was registered for some time at the place of service in military unit 46451 in the village of Guards in the occupied Crimea. Phone: 79186505185, email addresses: serega.368@mail.ru, gn-grisha131@mail.ru.


Currently lives in a rented apartment at the address, which was established thanks to documents on vaccination against COVID-19.


By the way, this luxury building is located 350 meters from the embankment at the address: Krasnodar Territory, Primorsko-Akhtarsk, st. Myra, building 151, quarter 2. (coordinates: 46°02’59.6″N 38°09’56.9″E ). It is also quite close to the place of service, the airfield of the 960th Assault Aviation Regiment, about 5 km.


Also, you are probably wondering how much the commander of the aviation regiment earns? Perhaps it will also be interesting to his wife, to whom we will pay special attention at the end of this material.

The hacktivists also provided access to Atroshchenko’s personal account on the official portal of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation , from which they extracted information on payments for the period from February 2022 to January 2023 (you can view an extract from the information on monetary security in PDF ).

As for the dump from the mailboxes of the commander of Air Force 75387, the 960th Assault Aviation Regiment of the Russian Federation, Colonel Serhiy Atroshchenko, we managed to find and isolate various detailed lists of pilots, information, service characteristics of officers, certificates , theoretical and practical calculations that are interesting for intelligence .

Therefore, we will not publish the entire dump for the time being. We believe that the Russian counterintelligence agencies should not make their work easier and let them think for themselves what the volumes of the leak are and how they are limited.

We can also mention funny details. It was quite ironic to find in Colonel Atroshchenko’s correspondence an archival explanatory note to his 2016 master’s thesis about the commander’s decision to destroy the enemy’s long-range radar detection aircraft (Ukrainian – DRLV, Russian – DRLO). Because a month ago, on February 26, 2023, the Russian A-50U long-range radar detection and control aircraft was damaged by partisans with the help of a drone in the area of ​​Machulyshchi airfield, Republic of Belarus.

Some illustrative material from this dump.

Video recording of the hack can be viewed via the link on the website .

But not only Colonel Atroshchenko himself became the source of a large-scale leak of data about his regiment and its subordinate personnel. His wife also played a significant role in this, whose mail also became the property of hacktivists.

Acquaintance with Atroshchenko’s wife

Lilia Aleksandrovna Atroshchenko, born on November 11, 1982.
Tel. 79186454934, 79883613157. Passport: 2005 591208. Mail: lady.land17@mail.ru. Hacktivists noticed that Lilia likes to send “photo surprises” to her husband (for illustration, they chose more or less decent photos with at least some clothes on them).

Already during the preparation of this material, at the request of hacktivists, Lilia did a small favor, thinking that she was communicating not with Ukrainian hackers, but with one of the officers of the 960th regiment, which is headed by her husband.

With this officer, they agreed to make a new “surprise” for Colonel Atroshchenko and other officers of the regiment in the form of a “patriotic action” – a photo session of the wives of officers of the regiment at the airfield in ceremonial coats with the medals of their husbands. Photos were to be exclusively for private collections and not intended for the general public. Lilia willingly supported the proposal and organized everything.

This made it possible to scout targets and collect all the wives of Russian pilots and, as a result, collect additional data that is useful for further OSINT-reconnaissance.

On March 16, 2023, Lilia Atroshchenko sent her video surprise with slides made of photos of this “patriotic action”.

Lilia tried her best, everything, as it should be, close-ups of women posing in the coats of their pilot husbands, who, although they try not to advertise their photos on social networks, but thanks to their wives, connections and their personal data are easily established. All the more so because the “New Year’s corporate parties” of the regiment, at which officers’ wives pose together with their husbands for family photo albums, always come in handy (but that’s another story for future publications).

In addition, Lilia tried to take several general plans of the airfield and planes, from which we also saw that in the 960th Assault Aviation Regiment of the Russian Federation, it is a common practice to apply racist symbols with the letter “Z” directly on top of the red star. What is quite unusual, earlier in the media there were photos in which “Z” was painted next to it, without covering the star. Perhaps it is a personal initiative of the regimental commander to mark his planes in such a special way.


This is only a small part of this story. Publications on our resource will be dedicated to the commander of Military Unit 75387, 960th Assault Aviation Regiment of the Russian Federation, Colonel Serhii Atroshchenko and his subordinate officers.

We thank our friends, hacktivists ” Cyber ​​Resistance “, for the exclusive opportunity to take part in this interesting story and refine it together. We invite readers to subscribe to our Telegram channels, where we publish much more information than is available on the site.

The fight against Russian aggressors is being waged on various fronts, and the cyber front is an important component for intelligence and the success of operations to liberate the occupied territories of Ukraine, identify and bring Russian war criminals to justice.

The occupier who ordered the bombing of the drama theater in Mariupol was identified

The commander of the military unit that bombed Mariupol, Sergei Atroshchenko, turned out to be a war criminal. He was born in the Zhytomyr region, InformNapalm investigators found out.

On the conscience of the invader is also the bombing of the maternity hospital and the children’s hospital in Mariupol.

“Atroshchenko Sergey Valeryevich, 05/05/1981 year of birth. By the way, he was born in the city of Ovruch, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine. Then he lived in Russian Lipetsk, then he was registered in Voronezh, Leninsky Prospekt, 96A, apt. 89. After that, for some time was registered at the place of service in military unit 46451 in Gvardeisky in the occupied Crimea Phone: 79186505185, mailing addresses: serega.368@mail.ru, gn-grisha131@mail.ru,” the investigators established his data.

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