Ranger-security brigades have been established with the cooperation of IRGC Intelligence Organization, IRGC General Dezhban and Basij Resistance + Ground Forces. Matters such as the defense of the headquarters, the guarding of sensitive and infrastructural places, accompanying important convoys (for example, the transfer of military equipment or sensitive strategic equipment), the protection of the personality and the protection of important things will be the responsibility of the security guards, who will carry out safety and security measures. They do.

The term “security ranger” refers to the forces that operate after 2018 and with the establishment of the security department in the form of IRGC security units.
Security Rangers are mainly forces that have undergone training specific to security activities such as hostage rescue, anti-terrorism, urban warfare, escort, building clearance and counter-insurgency.
For example, in the Al-Mohammed security brigade of Tehran, a chart has been considered so that there is one security patrol battalion for every number of anti-riot force battalions. With the new chart that is coming, we will probably see fundamental changes.

According to the new organization, the IRGC intelligence organization now has 2 direct lines, such as information and security.
The mentioned ranks have several trends in any part of the army.

Security order:

Anti-terrorism tendency

Anti-riot trend

Escort orientation (protection/guarding)

Check-neutral tendency

Data line:

  • The trend of urban information
  • Military intelligence trend
  • Operations Information Orientation
  • Orientation of identification information

that these two ranks are divided in all parts of the army from land to sea and air-space according to the needs. The activity of these forces is heavy and sensitive. They have a direct relationship with the command, and key vice-chairs are managed with the help of the mentioned ranks.

The pillars of the command rely on this talent of the people or they are the backbone in some way…

To inform and alert the countrymen and rebel youth about the performances and missions of the Khamenei Corps in Tehran.

The executive orders of the head of the Greater Tehran Protection Corps to the herds of the Guardsmen to suppress the uprising in the first week of November

Notice of the Security and Anti-Terrorism Commission of the National Council of Resistance of Iran – No. 9

Security ranger brigades with 4 battalions each, 3 security units with 3 battalions each and 2 other security units with 3 battalions with 30 engines each should be ready to carry out the mission from 1600 hours. Each of these battalions will become 3 teams of 10 engines and show their authority from center to center in the routes and centers determined by the operational bases.

From 8/1/1401 to 8/7/1401, from 2400 hrs to 4 am the next day, all operational patrols of Tharullah operational division, brigades, Fatahin unit and all security units with the full capacity of Tharullah patrol vehicles are available, on the designated patrol routes. Patrolling. For each patrol car in Tharallah, one motor patrol (2 motors) should be activated with the aim of countering slogan writing, deterring and arresting.
Document number 10
Date: 7/30/1401
Very confidential

To the following recipients
From the Commander of the [Protection] Corps of Greater Tehran
Subject: Notification of the mission on November 1
In order to stabilize the security situation in Tehran and prevent possible unrest, it is necessary to implement the following.

1- Talented operational division with 3 battalions of 30 engines, security patrol brigades with talent of 2 battalions of 30 engines, and security units with the talent of one battalion of 30 engines should be at work from 0900 am and ready to be sent to the mission from 1100 am. Each of these battalions become two 15-motorized teams and patrol the points designated by the IRGC’s Deputy Operations.

2- The new war unit should be ready to carry out the mission in the area of the Quds operational base from 1100 am.

3- 4 battalions of security patrol brigades each, 3 battalions of Imam Reza, Imam Hossein, and Sahib al-Zaman security units, and 3 battalions of Imam Sajjad and Imam Hadi security units have been called up from 1600 hours and are ready to carry out the mission. Each of these battalions will become 3 teams of 10 motors. And in the routes and centers determined by the operational bases, show the authority of the center to the center.

4- Each of the Basij resistance areas will call a 40-person motorized battalion from 1600 hours and be ready to carry out the mission. From 1630 hours, they will patrol the squares and main roads. Show authority from center to center through operational bases.

5- Basij resistance areas for each battalion of Beit Al-Maqdis are called from 1700 hours and from 1800 hours they are activated in the form of two 4-motor patrols at the same time and patrol their territory.

6- Brigades, security units and Basij resistance areas should conduct stop and inspection tours from 2100 to 2400 hours.

7- From 8/1/1401 to 8/7/1401, from 2400 hours to 4:00 am the next day, all operational patrols of Tharullah operational division, brigades, Fatahin unit and all security units with the full capacity of Tharullah patrol vehicles at their disposal in the designated patrol routes to patrol For each Tharullah patrol car, a motorized patrol (two-motorized) should be activated with the aim of countering sloganeering, deterring and arresting. The security units that do not have a ready unit should also carry out the above mission from 2400 hours.

8- Activate a two-motor operational patrol and an intelligence patrol from 2400 hours in each district and take action against sloganeering, deterring and arresting while patrolling.

9- Informational patrols, support patrols and Razavion patrols in the areas should be activated from 1800 to 2400 hours.

10- All the battalions of Imam Hossein and the battalions of the conquerors should be ready to be called up

11- Activate your command post from 1100 hours.

12- Observe safety and security considerations in the execution of the mission.

13- Strengthen the defense of your headquarters.

14- Justify all your forces and Basijians so that if they see slogans from the houses, they should inform the police number 110 with the address and other details.
Signature: Brigadier General Hasan Hassanzadeh, commander of Hazrat Mohammad Rasulullah’s Corps, Tehran

Sardar Hasan Karami stated that intelligence has a very broad concept, part of which refers to the use of new technologies, and said: “Fortunately, these new technologies are used today at the level of Faraja’s special units, and they are among the pioneers of this type of use. We have been equipment.

The commander of the special units, Faraja, noted: For example, by using the types of cameras that we have now, we control the operational scenes in order to convey the message of the control center to the operating units, and to carry out operational instructions in the scene.

In addition, regarding the use of new technologies in Faraja’s special units, he mentioned the equipping of micro-birds with cameras and said: Currently, this issue is used in special units, and this technology has been used in the Arbaeen mission, and currently at the level Urban missions make the necessary use of this technology.

Kerami stated that there are many other technologies that are used in the special units of Faraja, and said: What is the criterion in making smart is the smart model of the special units, which has been worked on in detail with the participation of the National Defense University, which means What is the smart model and can we design a system that helps the commander in making decisions.

The commander of the Faraja special units further stated: For example, this technology is used to identify the size of the crowd, the excitement and the things that the crowd carries with them, and to determine the leaders and guides where they are present in the gatherings and riots.

He added: If all these technologies are combined and connected to one system, it will definitely help the commander in making decisions. In principle, this real intelligentization of the special units of Faraja, which we are looking for, will take place.

Kerami stated that part of these technologies are in our possession and we are researching and researching the part that will be produced, and said: God willing, these technological plans will be unveiled in Faraja week, which can effectively help the special units of Faraja in carrying out their missions.

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