Russia is testing a new strategic nuclear submarine, the Generalissimo Suvorov, said Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Nikolai Evmenov.

Generalissimo Suvorov armed with 16 R-30 Bulava ICBMs, which makes it and similar Russian submarines one of the most powerful and dangerous submarines in the world capable of inflict colossal damage to the enemy.

The submarine carries eight bow 533-mm torpedo tubes and six disposable non-reloadable launchers for hydroacoustic countermeasures. The cruiser’s hull is built using stealth technology, making it difficult to detect even for modern radars

Other Russian Subs

The Generalissimo Suvorov is the second serial missile carrier of the Borei-A project. Project submarines are equipped with Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles.

By Treadstone 71

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