Darknet forums from Killnet about the same as Russian performance on the battlefield ( Wagner killing an RU Lt Col they are trying to hide )

Based on the experience of our friends who themselves decided to help, we would like to offer old carders an interesting offer.
Dark forums and shops have been living for more than 10 years, these are the oldest darknets: duplicate, vvh, center, flashing lights, breaking through.
These are big shops with a huge layer of people.
Dear carders, KillNet can offer you DROPS IN SEVERAL countries (received to the address and sent from the EU and US), on very comfortable conditions, and in return we would like to receive help from you in the form of goods needed by our boys who are valiantly fighting at the forefront 
You bring out European and usa shops and help the boys, and we create the conditions. So we will win.

Russia made it possible to be a citizen of your country and be a carder without any problems – everything is for you, the main thing is that you do not violate the laws of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and do not harm the citizens of Russia.

Guys, I know many people personally for more than 10 years, I respect them. Time is such a man, money is not the most important value – the main thing is people. We believe that the old darknet will respond.
Write to the bot.
@Alpham65bot ( although the BOT is dead)

У нас временно нет доступа к аккаунту @alpham65. Пишите те кто хочет восстановить связь. Этот бот был создан с помощью @LivegramBot

Distribute it everywhere, bring it to the admin panels and smoking rooms of forums and chats. Especially since it does not work.

By Treadstone 71

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