Month: September 2022

Hackingconf RU

A meeting of developers, security officers, system administrators from IT communities with reports, holivars and other classic thematic entertainment. Where? St. Petersburg, pl. Pobedy, 1, Park Inn Pulkovskaya When? September 18…


Hi, today WE CHANGED OLD DOMAIN TO ONION ONLY https://cpanel.pua75npooc4ekrkkppdglaleftn5mi2hxsunz5uuup6uxqmen4deepyd.onionbecause there is to many abuse reports on our domains (, WORKS FROM NOW ONLY IN TOR AND WILL NEVER…

GAZPROMBANK subdomains targeted

https://quik.gazprombank.ruhttps://bc.gazprombank.ruhttps://bcmc.gazprombank.ruhttps://www.service.gazprombank.ruhttps://test.service.gazprombank.ruhttps://quiktest.gazprombank.ru ДО РОБОТИ