The resistance is growing!

According to information from open sources, for six months since the start of a full-scale war:

1. There are more than 50 organized “railway resistance” groups in Russia.

2. Throughout the country – hundreds of chaotic sabotage of individual activists.

3. The struggle takes place on 85% of the territory of the Russian Federation, that is, almost throughout the country.

4. There were more than 80 derailments of freight trains.

Let’s look at the numbers:

In one freight train, on average, 75 wagons, which means that over 6,000 wagons were stopped and a significant part of them derailed.

On average, the cost of one wagon is 3 million rubles. The total price of 6,000 derailed wagons is 18 billion rubles.

– up to 510 thousand unreleased Kalashnikov assault rifles, or
– up to 85 unreleased T-72 tanks, or
– up to 39 unreleased Kalibr missiles.

Hundreds of people resist in organized groups. Thousands are already preparing to resist. Tens of thousands support them. Hundreds of thousands are waiting for the liberation of Russia!

Resist yourself too!

Belgorod region. An attempt to blow up an electrical substation

With the help of a drone, unknown partisans attacked a substation in the village of Dragunskoe. There was a so-called “pop”, but the extent of damage at the station is unknown. It is reported that the remains of an improvised explosive device with a plastid were found at the scene.

By Treadstone 71

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