What can be done today?

1. Hide recruits, including not your own. If there are no conscripts in your family, help a friend/neighbor/work colleague. If you come for one of your relatives, hang noodles on your ears. If your conscript is at home, with honest eyes, say that “he left somewhere with a bunch of things, when he returns, I will definitely pass it on!” If you left, say that you went out to the store, come back later. They probably won’t be back that day. If they come back, say what else is in the store, apparently, the phone does not answer – they do not hear, probably come back in half an hour.

2. In order not to receive a summons at the State Services, you must either delete your account (not an application!), Or change the setting for receiving letters to “paper only”. Go to the “Gospochta settings” and switch all letters to paper ones. If it doesn’t work, go to your account settings and click “delete profile”. By doing this, you will cancel your registration on the State Services and any notifications will be sent by paper mail.

3. If you are a conscript, hide and prepare an attack on the draft board. Do not appear at the place of registration, instruct those who live there to hang noodles on the ears of the military commissar. Find someone to hide you. Do NOT leave the apartment. The police may be waiting for you there with a summons.

4. Start preparing an attack on the draft board. The crowd of people that hang around there now is a cover for intelligence. Ideal – if you are not a conscript, but a mother / sister / grandmother / daughter / girlfriend of a conscript and you do not have a military specialty, so that you yourself are not raked. They came for information about the conditions of service and the ACS, walk around the military registration and enlistment office wherever possible, pretending to read the ads on the walls. In fact, you are studying the building of the military registration and enlistment office and the surrounding area, preparing an attack. Either use the collected information for your attack, or pass it on to a trusted guerrilla.

No military enlistment office – no gravesite

5. The peaceful opposition is planning a new rally today. Do not go. You can use the moment to attack the police station / National Guard / FSB. During the rally, there will be fewer employees in the departments, because they will valiantly beat and detain those who are not going to break the law and protest peacefully, not resisting police violence, for breaking the law. Just prepare an attack, do not climb spontaneously, on emotions. Act with a cool head.

6. If you read us from abroad, support us financially. We will finance independent partisan cells and individual actions.

Results of peaceful demonstrations against partial mobilization:

– A total of 1349 activists were detained. The largest number in St. Petersburg and Moscow – 542 and 509, respectively.

“Many were beaten or maimed during detention. One of the St. Petersburg activists had his arm broken in two places.

– In 16 departments, the detained protesters were handed summons to the military registration and enlistment office.

— Many journalists were detained and charged. They were also handed subpoenas, like the SOTA journalist.

– It was not without absurdity: in Kaliningrad, people who led a round dance were detained. And also a woman wearing a jacket with a blue stripe (criminally similar to a white-blue-white flag).

And most importantly. A number of people who did not take part in the actions were detained by the dogs of the regime in the subway thanks to the facial recognition system, among them: a journalist, a minor participant in previous anti-war actions and a random local resident. That is why we do not recommend our readers to appear at peaceful actions, it is better to immediately prepare actions of direct action.

Orenburg region. Another military enlistment office burned at night

In the city of Gai, a partisan set fire to the building of the military registration and enlistment office, located on the main street. The street has been closed for half a day due to police investigations. The Molotov cocktail brought a saving fire to one of the rooms, but alas, the building did not burn down. But the partisans are free! To be continued

Transbaikalia. Attack on the recruiting office

A young partisan at night threw a Molotov cocktail into the building of the military enlistment office in the village of Kyra in Transbaikalia. According to the source, flammable liquid spilled on documents in one of the offices, breaking the glass. But unfortunately, the fire did not happen, in our opinion, this was the reason: either an insufficiently tightly fixed rag in the neck of the bottle, which flew off during the throw, or the partisan threw the cocktail without letting the wick flare up well (usually 3-4 seconds), and he went out when thrown. But the partisans are free, they will learn from their mistakes. 

We also note the good choice of location: in small settlements there are fewer technical means of observation, often there is no additional protection of buildings, it is easier to build escape routes and it is easier to conduct reconnaissance, knowing in advance in which of the premises the documents are stored. In addition, rowing for mobilization is often precisely in small settlements in remote areas, attacks on their archives are of great importance. Note to the partisans!

They tried to blow up the Kursk electrical substation

The governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, said that around 11:20 today, an improvised explosive device was allegedly dropped from the air at the Sudzha substation. As a result, the transformer was disabled and a fire broke out. And here is the partisan aviation in action! By the way, there were many examples of attacks from the air without even having their own drone

Khabarovsk. At night the military registration and enlistment office burned down

Tonight, the military commissariat of the Industrial District was attacked by partisans. The Molotov cocktail successfully smashed the window and started the fire. The fire spread to two offices, and even some – the head of the mobilization department and the office for storing documents. The fire was extinguished, but part of the stored inside managed to catch fire.

It is reported that traffic police officers were instructed to check the order at the military enlistment offices every two hours.

Another attack on the military

In the city of Svobodny, Amur Region, a partisan threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of the local military registration and enlistment office. Only damage to the facade of the building is reported, perhaps the bottle did not break the window. Partisan on the loose

New arsons of military registration and enlistment offices

Around midnight, the watchman of the military commissariat in the city of Svobodny (Amur Region) called the police. He said that an unknown person threw a Molotov cocktail at their building. She fell to the asphalt and caught fire. The façade was slightly damaged by the fire. No harm done.

At about 6 am, an attack was made on the commissariat in Khabarovsk – on Uzlovaya. There, bottles with an unknown liquid were placed between the bars – on the windows of the office of the head of the mobilization department and the office for storing statistical documentation – and then set on fire. The windows burst, but the fire was quickly extinguished by the military registration and enlistment office employees themselves. Everything is in order with the documents. Two beer bottles and matches were found on the spot. They are looking for arsonists

By Treadstone 71

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