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“As a first step, Russian and Ukrainian forces must commit themselves not to carry out any military activity in relation to the plant or from the territory of the plant. The Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and its environs should not be targets or platforms for military operations,” – António Guterres, UN Secretary General .

The IAEA, in its 54-page report, at least found 2 “problematic” cases (in the shooting at the nuclear power plant, the IAEA wrote that the parties blame each other, so this does not count):
-The IAEA has discovered military equipment stored by the Russian Federation in potentially dangerous zones of the ZNPP
– The IAEA reported that ZNPP employees are in terrible conditions, in a state of constant stress and intimidation.

After that, the head of the UN does not say that Russia should remove equipment from the territory of the ZNPP, and after the equipment, remove its Nazi muzzles from the territory of the ZNPP; he does not say that the fascists should stop intimidating nuclear workers; he does not talk about the consequences that will come if Russia continues to shoot directly from the territory of the ZNPP.

Instead, he says that the parties should avoid combat contacts in the vicinity of the ZNPP. That is, Russia can shoot directly from the center of the station (and who will forbid it?), And Ukraine needs to evade the shots and not respond to Nazi shooting in any way, so as not to cause indignation and concern of the UN and Western partners.

One thing pleases: the very “unexpected attack in an unforeseen place”, which I have been hinting at since the first day of the counteroffensive, has taken place, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine have extremely successfully moved forward.

It is reported that a large number of Nazi prisoners have been received. The Kremlin has significant human, technical and territorial losses.

By Treadstone 71

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