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– since August 2014, Simonyan has been banned from entering Ukraine, and since May 2016 , personal sanctions have been imposed on Margarita. Since March 2022, Simonyan has been suspected under part 2, article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Infringement on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine” and she has been put on the wanted list;

– imposed sanctions : EU, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Ukraine (from 06/24/2021 to 06/24/2024), New Zealand;

– in January 2022, based on an article , US Congressman Jim Banks proposed to impose sanctions against Russian propagandists, including Simonyan, but as of August 2022 there is no information about US sanctions on Simonyan.

Yes, one of Putin’s main propagandists can still be allowed into civilized countries. An unfortunate mission.

Lawsuits, arrests, harassment:

– in 2006, proceedings were opened against Simonyan to recover $ 1.3 thousand, but the proceedings were ( unexpectedly, right?) Stopped, and the case was closed;

– in 2009, the Pension Fund sued Simonyan due to failure to submit information by the deadlines, and imposed sanctions on her in the amount of $9 (exactly 258 rubles). However, then the Pension Fund withdrew the application and the case was (again unexpectedly) closed;

– in September 2017 , enforcement proceedings were opened against Simonyan to collect 2.4 million rubles in taxes. At that time, the place of registration of Simonyan was indicated: “115054, Moscow, st. Novokuznetskaya, 77, 35-37, building 1, apt. fourteen.”;

Propagandists are mainly worried about their own channels of fooling the people. Therefore, in August 2022, Margarita sued the Google representative office in the Russian Federation in order to get her blocked youtube channel back. As of August 12, 2022, the case was not considered and there is no prospect of consideration, since the representative office is going through proceedings proceedings .

Chauvinism and Politics:

Probably, all this material could consist of an infinite number of screenshots of her scandalous publications and fragments of statements. But we will only mention a few. By the way, did Margarita ever bear responsibility for her xenophobic statements (even towards Russians)? The answer is obvious.

— in June 2019, she published a xenophobic  post in LJ;

– Simonyan’s post after the start of the war in February ( “If you are now ashamed that you are Russian, don’t worry, you are not Russian”)  commented by the founder of Ethereum . Vitaly Buterin replied: “fuck you”;

– in April 2020 , she proposed to “return” Odessa to Russia;

– in April 2020 , she proposed to send Russian troops to Belarus according to the Crimean scenario after the start of mass protests due to the election results.

Let us recall, by the way, the old indignations of Russian nationalists (https://sputnikipogrom.com/politics/6114/symonyan/)

Of course, corruption

– in March 2020 , a material was published on the website of Alexei Navalny , which claims that Simonyan and his relatives received 736 million rubles on their personal bank accounts. for three years under contracts for advertising and PR support concluded with Aeroflot, the Organizing Committee of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Skolkovo, the FSB Veterans Fund and personally Vekselberg. Simonyan personally earned 328 million rubles under these contracts. RUB 77 million a year she is listed as the artistic director of the International Sawmill program on NTV. FBK links six companies with the Simonyan family. Danila Gromov , the son of the deputy head of the presidential administration Alexei Gromov, who oversees the work of the Russian media, also received money from one of them ;

– according to  a report from the US State Department for March 2022, a scheme was established for financing and linking media companies with the state administration of Russia. It is noted that financial reports are not transparent, and the information in these media is not objective and is considered propaganda and tools for the Kremlin IPSO;

– Simonyan  winds up traffic on RT channels in order to receive more state budget. The traffic was spun through porn sites and bots (speaking of Russian braces) ;

director of the American legal entity Russia Today, pleaded guilty to filing a fraudulent tax return for 2008 when he was already working for Russia Today. He transferred tax-free business receipts from Russian clients totaling $2.6 million to the accounts of the Luxembourg branch of the Israeli banks Bank Leumi and Bank B through his offshore company registered in Belize. Yazlovsky and his wife are the trustees of the apartment, which is possibly owned by Simonyan. In 2009, Yazlovsky purchased housing in Florida for $1.8 million , which is estimated at $3.6 million in 2022. In 2016 and 2017, housing offered for rent.

Public statements for which I had to answer:

– in January 2021, together with Tigran Keosayan and editor-in-chief of radio “Moscow speaking” Roman Babayan, she visited the “Russian Donbass” forum in Donetsk, where she  called on Russia to “take Donbass home”, noting that “ the people of Donbass want to be able to be Russian and speak Russian Russian”. After Simonyan’s speech, the Russian Foreign Ministry and the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, were forced to explain that she was not the spokesman for the country’s Maria Zakharova claimed that Simonyan did not work for the state;

— From recently. Simonyan claimed on her TG channel , citing the Russian Ministry of Defense, that the Russian military had hit the House of Officers in Vinnitsa, because “there was a temporary accommodation for Natsiks” there. Recall that 27 civilians were killed there and several hundred were injured;

– in her TG channel, she rejoiced at the missile attack on 07/31/2022 on Nikolaev, in which Oleksiy Vadatursky died, called it ” denazification in action “, but after three hours she began to talk about the fact that the missile strike was a personal order of the Office of the President of Ukraine. Simonyan used the abbreviation IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) in the Russian manner “IMHO”;

the destruction of 9 aircraft of the Russian Federation at the Novofedorovka airbase in Crimea on 09/09/2022 called “bungling”;

– in December 2017, she claimed that for the scripts of films and TV shows that she writes in traffic jams and at night, she is paid more than on RT;

– in March 2019 , she reported that she gives all wages received in the public service to charity;

– RT in Europe  supported the anti -vacuuming movement in a number of materials , for which in December 2021, at the request of the German regulator MABB, the RT DE youtube channel was banned. At the same time, in Russia, RT supported total vaccination: Simonyan reported on “complete resuscitation of children”, co-authored an open letter from the chief doctors of covid hospitals to opponents of vaccination, and proposed firing doctors who refuse vaccinations;

– Kadyrov apologized to Simonyan after their conflict in social networks that arose after Margarita’s post about the  attack by immigrants from the Caucasus on a man with a small child in New Moscow;

– since December 2021, Simonyan asked Twitter if Russia started the war , and immediately after 02/24/2022 she published a post about peace;

Prayer for the (Russian) world

– In  February 2022, Simonyan stated that Azerbaijan restricts entry into the country for persons of Armenian nationality. This was denied by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

Everyone is afraid of the negative:

– According to  the message , Simonyan used the services of a company to remove negative information from Internet resources.

– Simonyan  published photos of containers piled up in a heap at the Syrian Shayrat airfield after an American missile attack. Russian-made containers are used to store the military poisonous substance “sarin”. This substance is  banned for use, but was actively used in the war in Syria. After publication, these photos quickly began to be deleted, but references to publications remained on the Internet.

Margarita unsubscribed from the RT page in VK on 08/23/21. What for?

Supporting Trump and meddling in US elections:

In January 2017, the CIA released a report that claimed that “Russian hackers” had influenced Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election. This report called RT and Sputnik a “propaganda machine”. The name of Margarita Simonyan is mentioned 29 times, and RT – more than 100. Russian news reacted negatively to the report.

EXTERNAL RELATIONS (or who the fantastic beasts are with)

Gromov Aleksey Alekseevich – First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Russia since 2012. Gromov  is one of the heads of propaganda in Russia, including directing directives to the leading media, managing and financially supporting the presidential pool of journalists. His eldest son Gromov Alexey Alekseevich, according to the article , works for the RT TV channel, as well as the owner of the kub.media project. Gromov’s office and the Kub editorial office are located in the RT building, and the websites  indicate one legal entity “ANO TV-Novosti “, which, through the Association for the Development of International Journalism ( ARMJ) is owned by RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan. His youngest son Daniil Alekseevich Gromov, based on the  publication , works at Marskeos LLC (an advertising agency for the editor-in-chief of russia Today Margarita Simonyan and his husband Tigran Keosayan) and at the Crimean Bridge information center .

Blagodyrenko Andrey Alexandrovich – ex- boyfriend . Responsible for the development of multimedia editorial offices of the Sputnik agency in the CIS, neighboring countries and the Baltic countries.

Alexey Yazlovsky (Yazlovsky Alex, Iazlovsky Alexei) is a director of legal entities RT RTTV America and RTTV Studios . In 2013, he was admitted in court that in 2008 he tried to hide income from Russian companies in the amount of $2.6 million and received illegal benefits for $1.2 million through an offshore Belize company, ITV Holdings, which opened accounts with Israeli banks in Luxembourg. Under this scheme, money from RT accounts went to private accounts. Specifically, on December 15, 2009, RTTV America, Inc. listed$900,000 from Office Furninshings, owned by accountant Nidav Kalay. Kalay was supposed to transfer the money back the following year, but embezzled $600,000. Another counterparty of RTTV America was another Kalay company, Sedy Systems . Previously, his father and he were accountants for Yazlovsky’s wife, Svetlana Pockmarked. Yazlovsky is an acquaintance of Mikhail Lesin, they studied together at the Moscow Civil Engineering Institute.

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