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Now that’s all for sure. Hope.

The version of the FSB and the subsequent reaction to it vividly demonstrated the inconsistency in the power authorities, which had to be guessed from indirect signs immediately after Dugina’s death.

We draw attention to the fact that 2 power blocks have been formed structurally and ideologically:
– “FSB hawks” (with Patrushev), who are looking for a way to a total escalation of the war by any means
– “castrated hawks” (led by Putin) who want to get a tactical pause and freeze the conflict in order to buy time to prepare for a new stage of the war.

Thus, the UK initially abandoned the “Ukrainian trace” (Putin’s bloc) in order to play on the soil of “anti-globalists”, pointing a bloody finger at Great Britain. That is why, after the hysteria at the “Decision-Making Centers”, the day before yesterday there followed a rather long stage of inhibited reaction, called the “chaos of information uncertainty”. Panic was ordered to shut up.

Now RIA, which found terrorists in every kindergarten, is lowering the escalation rates, taking Vovk out of the “Azov noose.” Thus, the case of “terrorism” again follows the de-escalation model:

Ria Novosti: Natalya Vovk, suspected of the murder of Russian journalist and political scientist Dugina, served in the armed forces of Ukraine, but not in Azov, recognized as a terrorist and banned in Russia.

This is due to the fact that at the moment there are 2 understandings of the war and its future:

-clan of “hawks” is pushing Russia to designate Ukraine as a “terrorist state”. The goal is to thwart the possibility of any negotiation track and switch to the rails of total war. The clan stands for the termination of the secret dialogue line (now frozen) through Erdogan with the mediation of the “mole” Abramovich.

– the clan of “castrated hawks” stands for the freezing of hostilities, as well as the freezing of referendums (as we see, the referendums mentioned earlier every day are now completely out of the information field), fixing on the territory of the Donetsk Region and Luhansk Region for a subsequent attack, “when the time comes and we’ll be ready.” The clan is against the development of the “case of terrorism” and will reduce the emphasis on the death of Dugin’s daughter, transferring it from the FSB “terrorism” to the SK’s “contract killing”.

Image of the future: Turchak and Kadyrov are reducing their status of influence due to the “freezing” of referendums in Ukrainian territories.

We also see that on this basis the main speakers of the “party of war” fall silent. And the transformation of “Putin’s hawks” into “castrated hawks” silenced many pro-government speakers of the “idea of ​​total war.”

As we can see, even Medvedev deleted his publication about “doomsday” in the event of a strike on Crimea. Moreover, he deleted the publication immediately after the strike on Crimea, thereby disavowing his own message of “Putin’s hawk.”

It is obvious that the current “hawks” and their speakers are under the control (but also under the protection) of the FSB. And the confrontation between the “castrated” and “escalatory” forces will only increase momentum in the future.

The highest-ranking representative of the authorities at the memorial service for Darya Dugina in Ostankino was Plenipotentiary Shchegolev, who is called a friend of Konstantin Malofeev. In general, the official Kremlin ignored the mourning event.

A dubious reference was put into the mouth of Slutsky by one of the people of Mr. Malofeev. The entire list of VIP-participants of the memorial service, including the current presidential envoy for the Central Federal District, Mr. Shchegolev, de facto consists of his clan.

Leonid Slutsky at the funeral of Daria Dugina: “Regardless of the parties, there can be only one approach. One country. One president. One victory!

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (the side of the “castrated hawks”) continues to remove Dugin from the agenda, saying that “not everything is so simple” and “other persons may be involved in the case.”

The investigation plans to put Natalia Vovk on the wanted list. Other persons involved in the murder of Darya Dugina are being established.

As part of the criminal case, the necessary examinations have been appointed. The conclusion about the power of the activated explosive device will be made according to the results of the explosive forensic examination. The relatives of the victim, the staff and participants of the festival, witnesses of the incident were interrogated. Video recordings from outdoor surveillance cameras are being studied in order to obtain meaningful information.

In fact, an “escalation wave is being babbled” so that it is impossible to operate on its crest with emotional “decision-making centers” with a different number of exclamation marks.

At the same time, it is interesting that the culprit was discovered, and the recordings from the surveillance cameras have not yet been viewed. (With cameras turned off 2 weeks earlier?).

In addition, the power of the explosion has not yet been established.

It is clear that the FSB wanted to “in the wake of the agenda” spread the “case of terrorism” at any cost, to which the Investigative Committee responds with a gradual decrease in turnover.

And so the Kremlin (according to rumors, at the request of Kiriyenko) refuses to participate publicly in lobbying for an escalation on the Dugin track.

In contrast to the structures controlled by the FSB, which have already declared the need for a “holy war”.

By Treadstone 71

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