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Once again, we discussed in more detail with friends from the Killnet hacker group their imminent attack on Lockheed Martin:

Hackers from the Killnet group spoke about a new target that will be attacked in the near future. We are talking about the American defense corporation Lockheed Martin. According to the head of the cyber organization, they intend to paralyze the entire production management system of the company’s industrial complexes, and employee data will be leaked to the Internet.“Lockheed Martin employees will be harassed around the world! I’m against guns! I am against trading in death! – said the leader of Killnet, nicknamed killMilk. “I call on all hacker groups to create an escalation in Lockheed Martin production cycles around the world, as well as to spread personal information about the terrorists working in this company.”

In addition, killMilk approached the Americans with a business proposal:“Your country is home to the defense corporation Lockheed Martin. This is a private structure that makes money on the death of people around the world. If you help me, hundreds of millions of people will be grateful to you. But my gratitude goes beyond words. I am ready to give you $50,000 in whatever cryptocurrency equivalent you want.”

This is war

By Treadstone 71

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