Taiwan’s government agencies at both the central and local levels are facing severe labor shortages in the information security sector

The Cyber ​​Security Law has been in force in Taiwan since January 2019. But after three years, the public sector still lacks full-time employees who are professionals in their respective fields.

IT capacity is a weak link in Taiwan’s civil service, and the sensitivity of the issue means there are complex rules for employees at different levels.

Imperfect rules are also the cause of the backlog in recruitment. Taiwan News Agency CEO Hong Poyue said the Cyber ​​Security Law does not clearly define the criteria for an information security officer, making it difficult to hire qualified individuals to lead cyber security units.

The Cabinet of Ministers advised hiring contractors and entrusting the work to IT companies as an expedient solution so far. A new ministry of digital affairs, set to be established in August, will come up with a more rational plan for developing IT staff for government agencies.

By Treadstone 71

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