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ZSU destroyed 7 Russian ammunition depots in Donetsk in three days, – InformNapalm.

And this is only Donetsk.

The situation that is currently unfolding at the front is referred to in Western capitals as a “military miracle” – Ukraine is called a country with the highest military potential in the world, with the most easily trained, promising and enthusiastic military.

According to sources from the scene, the “devil’s seven shots” left the Russian troops without a colossal share of weapons and ammunition urgently needed to continue hostilities at the same pace – “one step forward, three steps back.”

Difficulty – artillery and missiles. Russia has a lot of them, but military experts see an extremely wasteful and inefficient use of all available means.

As we remember, I reported that the Russian strategy “Locust” has given a profound failure, as a result of which it will become disastrous for the forces of the Russian Federation with any delay in the front.

The time for even the most optimistic scenarios for Ukraine regarding Severodonetsk ended this week. By this time, it was believed that the “point” would be intercepted by the Russian fascist army, but this did not happen. The front “is” in a protracted battle with minimal local changes for the second week in a row.

Putin said yesterday that he was not going to attack cities “head on” – this is after 100 days of war and a month of eternal failures in the South-Eastern arc.

Only this is not a new tactic, but an old one. She managed to fail several times in a row in the very first days of the second phase – the “rings” of Russians narrowed many times with every hour, until the tactics “on the forehead” turned out to be the only possible one.

And now – after the failure of the “rings” and “foreheads”, Putin again notifies about the “rings”.

At the same time, intelligence reported that he personally led some groupings of troops.

This, however, perfectly explains why the Russians failed even in those areas that were considered “resolved.”

The commander-in-chief does not know the alignment of forces, he does not see the map of hostilities, in general he did not draw any conclusions from the dynamics of the battles. And here he is, actually blindfolded, randomly moving groups.

The current result is an extremely logical coincidence.

At the same time, Kyiv spoke about the possibility of negotiations from a “position of strength.”

That is why they are now “opening up” all the agents of Moscow influence completely to the point of stupidity. The goal is to prevent the supply of military equipment at any cost.

The worst president in the history of the United States, the fringe populist Trump, is being especially ruthlessly exploited.

Here he again reports that it is necessary to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine, otherwise the Third World War will begin:

Conflict in Ukraine could lead to World War III due to US actions that donated billions of dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine – Donald Trump.

And I still see in the Ukrainian media some people who are desperately trying to squabble between the Biden Administration and the Zelensky Office. All they have been doing since the first days of the war is broadcasting that it is a pity that the president is not Trump, otherwise Putin would have been shown “Kuzkin’s mother” long ago.

Media work in Ukraine is phenomenal. Disinformation operations are amazing. Witty messages – beyond praise.

There are several issues with diplomacy (more on that later), but with openly hostile agents that, under the guise of caring for Ukraine, are promoting the message of distancing themselves from the main military supplier, something should be done.

Well, in wartime, broadcasts should not be given to those who squeal that “Washington leaked us” and “Trump would have saved us.” The same Trump who demanded to open a case against the Biden family in Ukraine only in order to supply her with a small batch of military equipment long before the start of the war. This is the same Trump who publicly broadcast “Fuck Ukraine” several times. This is the same Trump who practically destroyed NATO in 4 years, cut off all agreements with Asia, untying the hands of the nuclear lobby.

It is a crime to let those who support a man whose slogan about Ukraine became the phrase ‘Fuck Ukraine’ on the airwaves in wartime is a crime.

By Treadstone 71

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