Necessary to clarify several rather important points from the meeting captured on video and demonstrated yesterday by the king of Russia, Putin the Killer, with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Firstly, many drew attention to the sickly appearance of the king, his puffy, swollen face and hands tightly clasped around the table top. There is nothing surprising, Putin the Killer has recently deteriorated in health, and the unhealthy appearance of the tsak only confirms this. For more than a month, the attending physicians have not been able to convince Putin the Killer to change the drugs that suppress the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, since the old ones no longer give the desired effect, and the king is simply afraid to experiment with new ones, and clinging to the table with his hands is a way to hide a small, but quite noticeable tremor.

Second Shoigu in civilian clothes. Many were puzzled by the question of why the failed “marshal of victory” in civilian clothes. Everything is simple here – Putin the Killer is extremely dissatisfied with the course of the war or, if you like, the “special operation” and considers Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to be one of the main culprits for the failure of military plans. The sight of Shoigu in military uniform with orders and medals has recently been very unnerving for Tsar Putin. The killer and Shoigu have been hinted, or rather, they have directly said that it is necessary to flaunt less in military uniform, there may be consequences.

Well, thirdly, about the consequences. At the beginning of this week, Putin the Killer was informed that three shamans, friends and protégés of Shoigu, who performed the ceremony before the war and prophesied luck and power over the world to Putin the Killer, if he starts a war, thus blessing the president for a “special operation”, failed. Shamans, on Putin’s orders, the Killers were sent to the spirits of their ancestors, and the heads were separated from the bodies. Shoigu was unpleasantly surprised and depressed when he learned about this. This is about the perspective for a minister who, actively feigning heart problems, can wait for real problems, and then no one will be surprised by another, but no longer fictional, heart attack. The murderer does not like to fire Putin, but heart attacks or suicides are another matter.

By Treadstone 71

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