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Let’s start with the fact that Shoigu and Gerasimov – the caretakers of the “red button” – disappeared from the air. As you remember, Shoigu was presented as an obvious conspirator who will try to eliminate Putin. Gerasimov was responsible for the preparation of the so-called “special operation”. Western media report that Shoigu has heart problems. Nothing is known about Gerasimov yet.

On the other hand, the post about the “Family”, which is rather peculiar for the channel, turned out to be not accidental, like everything that is published “outside the general picture”.

Now it’s just a matter of picking up the signals. So, today the one who “brought Putin to Moscow, placed him close to Yeltsin and whispered to the latter about the need for a “young and liberal successor” left the country.

Let’s just say that Chubais was a member of the “clan of syslibs” [systemic liberals]. They formed one of the 3 pillars of the state vertical, which still requires the word “pseudo”, since, in fact, there was no division.

But the vector is worth designating. The entire Putin vertical was divided into 3 “barracks”:
– Guardians [imperials, militarists – power bloc]– Technocrats [Mishustin’s group, for example]– Sislibs [whole 90s campaign]

The latter were pulled to implement one task:
– agreements with Yeltsin for the safety of the “Family” assets – after all, this was the only reason why from the mass of candidates they chose the one [quote below], “who was least like the president – both in personal qualities and in professional ones.”

As mentioned in a recent article, the West independently strangled the “syslibs” with sanctions – and they were affected by personalized sanctions, but they did not touch the dense group of “guardians” – their assets are hidden not in the West, but in Africa and the East.

Moreover, only the “Guardians” had real political power. Everyone else had to agree with the decision and “minimize losses.”

This is not always possible, as, for example, now. Further, there will be no more risks – “the country has approached the abyss, and the authorities have helped it to take a step forward.”

This is one of the reasons why the “sislibs”, tied to Western contacts, fell into disgrace – and the urgent departure of Chubais is a signal that the entire “first” grouping of the “Family” suffered a rather ultimatum fate.

An indirect signal of the “family end” was the case against Nevzorov. He was given the opportunity to fly out of the country, and then, in a specialized language, “the window was closed for the bird.” “Family” is a triple Chinese warning.

The group, which had the status of untouchable, lost the status quo: the country returned to the 30s of the last century, which means it’s time to “clean up their tails.”

Those who escaped are already accumulating around a number of “promising figures of alternative power.” One of the main leaders of the future adequate Peace Party will be Abramovich.

That is why we will not see sound economic steps now. The last liberal remained – Elvira – she was not allowed to “leave the game and wash her hands.” Everyone else is on the run, where they will construct the future “exiled systemic opposition lobby.”

As an example of a rather controversial decision – “gas in rubles.” The step implements two “protective” tasks [recognize the author’s handwriting]:
– requires the West (primarily Germany and France, as suggested in the New IEC article to transfer money through the Central Bank. So, Russia receives a “cash” from the transfer of money to the Central Bank, and then from the “purchase price”, the difference of which will be paid by the other side of the gas contract (the West).
– provides conditions for the implementation of the “controlled embargo” scheme. So Russia is preparing the ground to cut off the West from gas, the alternative to which is liquefied gas, but at this stage, the replacement is not allowed to make volumes. The main blow is still aimed at industrial lobbies.

The action is clearly “played” with the PRC. China is switching to trading in yuan in its region, trying to break the “dollar hegemony”, thereby introducing an alternative currency to fight the petrodollar in the eastern zone of the New Cold War.

But energy contracts are concluded in euros and dollars. And it means “like it, don’t like it – …”. Well, you remember.

By Treadstone 71

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