“Putin’s Russian Federation turned out to be not ready to fight in the information space, from the word at all,”

The decision to block Instagram and Facebook on the territory of the Russian Federation was made by the Kremlin for a very obvious reason – because of the devastating defeat in the information war, which in our time is no less important than the classic war.

Putin’s Russian Federation turned out to be not ready for the fight in the information space, from the word at all.

Literally from the very beginning of the aggression against Ukraine, when it was necessary to come up with a beautiful pretext for the invasion, the Kremlin crumbled and became in the eyes of the world community an unequivocal force of evil, which is opposed by good in the person of the Ukrainian people.

Athletes, actors, musicians, scientists and many other celebrities of the first magnitude, who enjoy authority throughout the world, openly opposed Putin’s aggression, calling the war a war.

The Kremlin was able to answer this only to the Gazmanovs and Baskovs (it is significant that the vast majority of Russian celebrities either opposed military operations or preferred to remain silent), whose recognition is limited to the post-Soviet space.

With such a balance of power, the information war did not last long. The Kremlin was crushed. Even numerous bots did not save the situation, which literally disappeared among the millions of opponents of the war from all over the world.

It was painful to watch such a picture, and the Putin regime broke down, deciding to follow its favorite motto: “you can’t win, ban it!”

It is obvious that blocking messengers will not lead to anything (especially considering how Roskomnadzor blocks them – remember the case with Telegram), and the weakness of the Kremlin will manifest itself even brighter.

But, the Russian elite does not think of such a long distance. Not capable. So, again on a rake. And not again, but again.

By Treadstone 71

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