Russian Ministry of Affairs to NATO and the Whitehouse (this is not a joke)

MFA of Russia published draft treaties (never seen a treaty like this before) with the USA and NATO on security guarantees (translated means we own all of former Soviet Eastern Bloc)

📍Russia proposes to NATO to undertake to exclude further expansion and accession to the alliance of Ukraine;  Is that what Ukraine wants? Quite an assumption here after Russian aggression in Georgia, Crimea, Donbass, etc.

📍Russia and NATO undertake not to deploy intermediate and shorter-range missiles in areas from where they can hit each other’s territory, the Russian project says; Russia has already violated this. 

📍Russia offers NATO to consolidate the agreement to peacefully resolve all disputes and refrain from the use of force;  You mean, like the Minsk agreement you violated (multiple times)?

📍Russia and the United States do not use the territory of other countries to prepare or carry out an attack on each other;  And any US ally or NATO, or country working to become part of NATO – you cannot dictate who wants to join.

📍Russia and NATO must commit themselves not to create conditions that can be regarded as a threat, the Russian draft says;  And what might that be oh hacker of the 2016 election and continued cyber hacks, attacks, influence operations, murders, etc.?

📍Russia and the United States undertake not to conduct military exercises with the development of scenarios for the use of nuclear weapons;

📍Russia and the United States undertake not to prepare the military of non-nuclear countries to use nuclear weapons;

📍Russia offers NATO to confirm that they do not consider each other as adversaries; Well, stop invading countries, jailing and killing journalists, the opposition, and those outside Russia who disagree with you; cease the cyber attacks (all), and maybe we could consider this

📍Russia and the United States undertake not to deploy nuclear weapons abroad and return those already deployed, as well as eliminate the infrastructure for the deployment of nuclear weapons outside their territory;  Back to the Khrushchev era

📍Russia offers NATO to abandon any military activity in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Transcaucasia, Central Asia;  Offers to abandon? What? How about offering to get out of Crimea, Georgia, etc., etc., etc., 

📍Russia and the United States undertake not to deploy intermediate and shorter-range missiles abroad and in areas from where they can hit targets on the territory of the other side;  Isn’t that a repeat?

📍Russia proposes NATO not to deploy additional military and weapons outside the countries in which they were in May 1997 (before the accession of the Eastern European countries to the alliance) – except in exceptional cases with the consent of Russia and NATO members. That is not up to you mother Russia. That is up to those countries who quickly ran away from your local oppression.