#Iranian #Navy & Royal Navy of #Oman Exercizes

Iranian Navy & Royal Navy of Oman had an exercise today in the strait of Hormuz. Gulf of Oman. IRIS Sahand, Shahid Nazeri Catamaran, a P-3F aircraft a SH-3D helicopter as well as Omani Al Mubshir class support vessel Al Naasir & an NH90 helicopter participated in the exercise.

Iranian NOTAM for live firing practice (Air to Surface/Surface to Air) in waters North of the Strait of Hormuz, all day (morning to midnight) from 13 Dec 21 until 20 Dec 21.

Ships from the Royal Navy of Oman and the Iranian Navy are carrying out the activities of the annual joint naval exercise (search and rescue) in the Iranian territorial sea, with the support of the Royal Air Force of Oman and the Iranian Air Force, as part of the training plans pursued by the Sultan’s Armed Forces with other countries to exchange experiences and maintain high efficiency in a number of military fields and specialisations.

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