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Android ransomware writing course is a very attractive and practical course that you can build a complete Android ransomware after passing this course and also this course has permanent support, so along with the interesting topics of your course, you will be in constant contact with the instructor. There is a course and you can ask your questions… so you can prepare this course without worries.


  • The first period of making ransomware for Android in Iran
  • . As a zero product without prerequisites
  • دوره Course course: Abolfazl Hajizadeh
  • دوره Course time: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • The price of this course is 115 thousand tomans, which you can get with a 20% discount of 92 thousand tomans.
  • Discount code: rans20

Basic Four Android or (b4a) is a programming environment for creating Android applications in Visual Basic language with which you can create complex programs in the simplest possible way. In this course, we will first get acquainted with the Basic for Android environment and learn how to code in the environment, and after a relative mastery of the Basic for Android, we will start making ransomware for Android.

What is ransomware!?

A ransomware is a malicious file that runs on your Android phone and makes a series of files inaccessible by encryption, and only the hacker or the person who created this ransomware can make these files correct and usable.

What we learn in this course:
As mentioned, in this tutorial you are going to design a ransomware software with Basic for Android that can encrypt a series of files with a specific format that you specify and the key for you. Send. Only files can be unlocked with that key.


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Does this course have a prerequisite?
The only prerequisite for this course is basic computer skills.

2. Who benefits from this course?
Those who are interested in hacking and security.
Those who want to use their own tools for their attacks.
Those who want to become more professional in Python.
3- What do we learn in this course?
In this training course, we design a ransomware from zero to one hundred using the Basic For Android programming language, which encrypts the victim’s phone files, and the victim cannot use his files without the key we have.
4- Why should we choose this course?
If you are planning to become more professional in discussing Android programming with Basic Four Android and do some interesting things, this course is for you. In this course, we will teach you how to make ransomware for Android, and you will become familiar with the new ways of programming in Basic for Android, work with new libraries, and gain more experience. In short, by spending 115,000 Tomans, you will get many times more information and knowledge.

5- After the purchase, will our connection with the Ultra Security team be cut off?
As mentioned, no, by purchasing a botnet build course, you will also have the lifelong support of our team, and you can ask questions about your problems. You can also download botnet build updates, which include new content and chapters, for free.

What you will learn in the course of making ransomware for Android:
1- Introducing the course
2- Installing the programming environment
3- Teaching the basic rules of Android
4- Finding the files inside the mobile
5- Encrypting the file
6- Hiding the icon and Activity
7-Creating an alert page to the user
8- Creating a script file
9- Final compilation of the program
10- Bypassing the Google security shield (to complete the topics of this video course from the RAT course connected to Telegram with Basic Four Android was added to this course)

The simplest programming language for making Android ransomware is Android Basic for Android, and after seeing the course, you will realize this simplicity.

About the teacher:
The teacher of the course Mr. Abolfazl Hajizadeh, is ultra-security team of teachers, Abolfazl Hajizadeh skills in the following areas:
1. Python programmer
2. Familiarity with other languages such as ruby, php, js, Perl
3- Toolbar
4 – Introduction to Linux operating system
5 – Introduction to the network
6 – Familiarity with the penetration test of client systems
7 – Familiarity with the penetration test of the web application
8 – Instructor of penetration testing courses
9 – Medium Android programmer

Be sure to watch the introductory video of the course to find out what we will make in the end

Course Introduction Video:
In the following video, we will briefly introduce the training course for making ransomware for Android:

What is meant by course support?
As we said, this ransomware making course for Android has support, meaning that after purchasing the course, you can contact the course instructor and ask questions related to the topics of this ransomware making course for Android and solve the problem.
Currently, our way of communication with you dear ones is in the form of a telegram group, in which you can become a member after purchasing the course, and wherever you have problems in any part of the course, the instructor will solve your problem. In the Telegram group, it is unlimited and you can always have the teacher’s knowledge by buying the course.
Soon, for easier access to you dear ones, the Telegram group will become an Internet forum that you will not be affiliated with Telegram (due to filtering restrictions) and ask your question whenever you want.
Note that only course questions are answered, which means you can’t ask about Windows problems or questions in other languages.

Free updates: The
world of hacking and security and programming is endless! This means that newer methods and libraries are being used every day that may replace new methods and libraries. Because we are still able to use this course after a long time and it is always up to date, we make updates about the course and replace the previous sections with new and better ones.
And if you buy the course, you can also get free updates and make sure you always have a practical and up-to-date course that you can always use.

Concluding remarks:
If you are a fan of the world of hacking and security, you know that ransomware and encryption are a significant part of today’s hack and security world and you are familiar with their importance. So if you want to have something to say in the security world, it’s best to have enough information from each section. So our advice to you is to prepare this package and increase your literacy level to a great extent.
Note that the training of this course is only to raise your scientific level and your illegal use is your responsibility and the teacher and security team of Ultra has no responsibility in this regard.

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