CyberPolk NGO hacked 6 Russian propaganda sites, data transferred to the Security Service of Ukraine

Departments of the Public Organization “CyberPolk” received full access to 6 sites of Russian propaganda. Among the list are the following resources, namely:
“Evgeniy Alekseevich Fedorov – deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation”;
“International Association “For Sovereignty””;
“coordinating council of the Russian Federation”;
“National Liberation Movement”;
“Russian Sovereignty” parliamentary club;
“National course” party.

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All data were transferred to the Security Service of Ukraine. This is just the beginning, occupiers. If you are interested in further hacking of Russian sites – follow our social networks, we will also be grateful for financial assistance!

Requisites for financial assistance:
Private: 5168752004232164
 Bank card: 5375411201547945
Bank Mono:

BTC (Bitcoin network): 15Erd39oqcef4kgBd3yds2RfncpqFsVSBf
ETH (ERC20): 0x253ae89984f7faddaf90328a8c6344f28bdf59da
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By Treadstone 71

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